Job advertising and employer branding


Due to the great lack of personnel, classic advertisements bring fewer and fewer applications. We prepare a "tailor-made" advertising package for our clients with our internal marketing department. In-depth knowledge of employer branding, candidate search and selection, and choosing the right channels to search for different profiles helps us advertise open job positions. In this way, we help clients by implementing marketing campaigns that improve the positioning of the employer brand in the short and long term or result in more applications for specific positions. 

Hidden advertising and collection of applications 

Our clients can decide to collect applications and carry out the selection themselves. The hidden advertising service includes identifying the right channels for advertising, in-person meetings with useful advice, preparing a creative campaign, publishing a creative campaign, collecting applications, and forwarding candidate applications. At the end of the campaign, we also do an analysis of the success of the campaign. 

Display of the employer brand 

Campaigns in which we highlight the employer brand are particularly successful for our clients, as we help them look at their employer brand from a "bird's eye view". With the help of our knowledge and knowledge of the labor market, we can help our clients highlight the advantages of working for them, which until now have not been highlighted or perhaps not identified at all. We offer in-house preparation of advertising creatives. In the case of larger campaigns, we can also involve external designers. Our expertise is also recognized by other institutions. We were chosen by AmCham as the winner in the category Motivation in the Best of the Best competition. 


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